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Group Exhibition

Panem et Circenses Exhibition

Panem et Circenses Exhibition

Panem et Circenses Exhibition

OKAMOTO Ellie, OGINO Yuna, KANEKO Tomiyuki, 


Wednesday, 20th April - Saturday, 21st May, 2022

Mizuma Art Gallery (Tokyo)


About the exhibition

The novel “Panem et Circenses” was serialized in the morning edition by one of the three union newspaper companies, including the Chunichi Shimbun and the Tokyo Shimbun from 31st July 2020 to 29th August 2021, while a book was published by Kodansha in March of this year. Crossing the boundaries of many genres from adventure and suspense, politics and society, to religion and love, while changing the stage one after another from New York to Metaverse, reveals a structure of society which is invisible on the surface of everyday life. Every character has a purpose in life kept deep in their hearts, and ignite their inner fire within themselves in various ways. It is an entertainment work reflecting on the current social situation that is constantly being reconstructed while stepping deeper into the chaotic and the unknown. It is a magnificent revolutionary novel that questions the readers about the notion of living in the world today.
The illustrations that accompanied each installment of the novel were conducted in an unconventional manner, with six artists taking turns with completely different style. The portrayals of the characters are left to the freedom of each artist, and with different perspective by each artist gives rise to different impression even for the same character and scene. With each new piece of information, you will inevitably come across confusing gaps, even inconsistencies brought by the different perspectives, and just like the real world, you are bound to piece the events of the story together with your own interpretation and conclusion.
*The unit name “Contra Mundi” is the name of the secret league formed by the main characters in the story, and it is Latin for “enemy of the world”.


岡本瑛里、荻野夕奈、金子富之、熊澤未来子、水野里奈、山本竜基「パンとサーカス展」 ミヅマアートギャラリー/2022年04月20日(水) 〜 05月21日(土)

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